Cuppa Time

What is Cuppa Time?

Cuppa Time brings friends, family and teammates together around Australia–to connect and support people with dementia.

Whether you choose to have your Cuppa Time at home, in your workplace, with friends or on top of a mountain, you’ll be helping to create a dementia-friendly world.

Register today and pour a cup to help beat dementia.

Can anyone take part?

We want every Australian to join us for Cuppa Time.

Whether you’re a triple shot caramel latte with a twist-type or prefer a calming Camomile tea, you can enjoy the Cuppa Time experience.

When can I hold my Cuppa Time event?

The official day is 23 October 2022, but you can host anytime that suits you in October. Once you have set your date, start planning your Cuppa and send out your invites.

How do I fundraise for my Cuppa?

We’ve made it super quick and easy for you!

  • Register for Cuppa Time
  • Receive your registration email
  • Follow the link to your unique fundraising page
  • Boost your success using our Fundraising Toolkit and Tips

Am I really making a difference by doing Cuppa Time?

When you choose to fundraise through Cuppa Time, you’re making a significant impact, now and in the future.

  • Show the estimated 487,500 people with dementia in Australia that they’re not alone.
  • Spread awareness of this devastating condition by telling people about your Cuppa Time.
  • Raise money to help grow Dementia Australia’s services and meet rising community needs.
  • Support our non-stop research partnerships in the drive for a future without dementia.

I’m ready to down a Cuppa for dementia!