Cuppa Time Challenge

Have you got what it takes to give up caffeine for dementia?

Have you got what it takes to give up coffee & tea (or the cash it costs you) for a month? Whether you’re a short black fanatic, a caramel latte loon, or a herbal tea addict, we’re challenging you to give up your daily caffeine fix.

Not only will you help us raise much needed funds for people caring for and living with Dementia, you'll be helping bring much needed attention to the estimated almost 500,000 people living with this disease.

Register today and access your very own fundraising page where you can rally your friends + family to support your caffeine-free challenge.

How it works!

Commit to give up caffeine.

It's free and only takes two mins to register your support for those facing Dementia.

Rally friends, family, & workmates.

Ask your friends, family, and teammates to sponsor you for kicking caffeine.

Kick off your caffeine free challenge

Avoid caffeine and keep your sponsors up to date.

Can't give up your caffeine?

If giving up caffeine is just one step too far, then why not simply donate the equivalent cost of every cuppa you have during a month?

Simply register for your individual fundraising page and for every coffee or tea you drink this month simply make a $4.50 donation. 

It's time to take the Cuppa Time Challenge!

Whether you're brave enough to give up caffeine for 31 days or ready to part with cost of your monthly coffee and tea intake it's time to join the Cuppa Time Challenge.