Your Cuppa, Your Memories, Your Way.

Host a Cuppa and create memories - after all having a cuppa is Aussie code for a catch up!

Whether it is you, a mate and a kettle or whether you host that high tea extravaganza, you can make differece for the estiamted 487,500 Australian's living with dementia.

It's Cuppa Time! Support people impcted by dementia by registering today!

How to get involved

1. Sign Up for FREE

2. Invite your friends and family

3. Have fun and raise funds for everyone impacted by dementia

In your home

Been meaning to catch up with a couple of mates for a while? Use Cuppa Time to reconnect. Invite your mates over and host a Cuppa at home!

Out and about

There’s no need for your Cuppa to be a stuffy one. Invite your friends to join you outside as you enjoy the sunshine.

At a venue

Whether you use your local café, community centre or a snazzy restaurant nearby, you can really jazz up your Cuppa however you like!


Interested in hosting a Cuppa with your organisation? Click below to find out more.